Hi, my name is Imaan

I'm a hands-on project manager.

With practical experience in product, programming, sales, marketing and operations roles at VC-backed tech startups in London & San Francisco, I am at my most useful when bringing together multi-disciplinary teams around a specific purpose.

I love helping growing companies tackle new ventures, especially those outside of their 'wheelhouse', which has led me to lead projects in industries as varied as fashion, data science, sports, luxury goods, consumer technology and furniture.


  • Connecting consultants and agency owners with their dream clients through Modules.
  • Building, training and managing a remote technical team spanning 8 timezones for Wiser.
  • Managing product development, manufacture and delivery of thousands of postcards and photo boxes for Touchnote.

If there's a specific project you want to chat about, you can book a call here.

Otherwise, here are some ongoing projects I'm working on:


B2B Business Development

I help consultants and agency owners connect with their dream clients.

From crafting the perfect first impression, all the way through to collecting signatures, we give you all the support you need to ramp up your sales numbers.

Learn more about Modules.


Websites & Landing Pages

I'm collaborating with the incredibly talented Jamie Syke to help startup founders better communicate their product vision through effective design.

Check out Landing to level up your landing page.


Websites and landing pages

I also build websites for people who don't want to think too much about their website.

In just 10 days I'll deliver you a fully responsive website for your business, complete with an intuitive content management and easy to use analytics tools.

All you need to do spend 3o minutes on the phone with me and find a comfy chair to relax in while I make things happen.

Check out Website Now Please.


Project roadmapping

Investing £50,000+ in a 'greenfield' technology project?

Here's just a few reasons that investing less than 10% of that in roadmapping is a great idea:

Click here to learn more.

Coming soon