Why do people buy?

Hi, my name is Imaan. I help businesses understand why people their product, and then utilise that knowledge to close their biggest deals to date.

This year I plan to dig even deeper into the theory behind purchasing, apply that to my work and share the results with the world through this website.

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You'd be hard-pressed to find someone with a more varied CV than me (link).

Over the past decade I've led a host of multi-disciplinary teams, both locally and remotely, implementing projects focused on technology, marketing, sales, strategy and operations.

I now focus my efforts on the understanding the underlying mechanics of purchasing & using that knowledge to source & close deals for businesses in the creative, technology & venture capital spaces.

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I don't limit myself to specific types of business, so rather than choose specific industries and company-types to work with, I find it easier to use examples of the kinds of projects that interest me and see if that fits your company.

I love working with:

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