Past Projects

HSF, project management, web development, devops
- Building and deploying a ML-driven pricing analysis tool with a team of just three fresh UCL Master's graduates

‍- Deploying that tool to a IT infrastructure that has never hosted a

- Bringing a data-driven mindset to life within the UK's top litigation law firm.

- This tool has now estimated tens of millions in of potential work and saved hundreds of man-hours.

Droga5, social analytics, social outreach
- Building a custom neural net tool from scratch to source thousands of the earliest ‘unliked’ images from Instagram

- Orchestrating the outreach to and onboarding of hundreds of content owners in just a few weeks

- This content was used in the 'Zero Likes Given' campaign which was recently nominated for a Webby Award 🎉

Wiser, project management, remote teams, training
- Hiring, training and managing a team of student interns in Tel Aviv, from 10 timezones away in San Francisco

- Clearing a 3 month support ticket backlog in just a few weeks

- The total cost amounted pennies on the dollar in comparison to using internal support staff

Touchnote, manufacturing, operations
- Managing the supply, manufacturing and new product pipeline for a startup that produces and delivers tens of thousands of custom postcards every week

Revolt London, social strategy, social analytics
- Sourcing detailed social data on dozens of influencers to support a pitch for the Budweiser Earth campaign, in just 24 hours

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